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Self Validating Forms

Using HTML5 & CSS3, how to make a form which is friendly, but which also validates user data.

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Responsive JavaScript

Much has been said about the merits of Responsive Websites, and, for the most part, rightly so. The benefits of building a website which can cope with the plethora of alternative browsing devices must surely be obvious to any developer.

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HTML5 is Alive

If you’ve been secluded under a rock for the past decade, lost on a desert island, kidnapped by aliens or in a coma, you may have missed the news about HTML5. The news is that it’s here, mostly.

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Images for the Web

Images are one of the most important visual elements of a web page. Here we look at what’s involved in preparing images for the Web.

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Toggling Attributes or Classes

An important technique is simply to be able to turn property on or off. Once you have done this, you can perform a lot of additional magic using CSS.

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